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The Buena Vista Lagoon Enhancement

Current Status

San Diego Association of Governments (SANDAG) released the Draft EIR for the Buena Vista Lagoon Enhancement Project in July, 2015. The document analyzes the potential environmental impacts of various alternative plans for the restoration of the lagoon. BVAS has long advocated the removal of the weir at the mouth of the lagoon and the restoration to a saltwater estuary and marsh. The reasons are numerous, including maximizing habitat for endangered species, maximizing species diversity, providing the estuarine habitat required by numerous marine organisms for portions of their life cycles, improving water quality and flood control, helping control harmful mosquito populations, and providing sand for local beaches. As the BVAS official comment letter states, coastal saltwater wetlands are among the most endangered habitats in California, with over 90% of their historic acreage lost to development over the last 100 years. It is also important to note that the high cost of a restoration project would most likely be funded through mitigation monies which would only be available for a project that maximized natural habitat values.

Next Steps

SANDAG staff has collected and responded to public comments on the draft EIR, obtained outside legal opinions, and is currently completing a final EIR that includes a recommended alternative. There will be public hearings on the Final EIR alternatives, and finally, the 18-member SANDAG Board will vote to choose an alternative (which may or may not be the recommended alternative chosen by SANDAG staff).

BVAS submitted official comments on the Draft EIR in September, 2015 (see link to comment letter below).  As of July, 2017, SANDAG estimates the Final EIR will be out in early August, 2017. The public will be able to participate in the outcome of the selected alternative through testifying at public hearings and lobbying SANDAG voting members.

Want Updates?

For updates on the BV Lagoon Enhancement Project, including an announcement of the release of the final EIR, please click here.

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Comments on Buena Vista Lagoon Enhancement Draft EIR

This letter is a response from the Buena Vista Audubon Society (BVAS) to the request for comments on the Buena Vista Lagoon Enhancement Project Draft EIR.

The Chronology of the Lagoon

A summary of important dates, compiled from Department of Fish and Game records in Long Beach and from a proposal for a Buena Vista Lagoon State Park prepared early in 1966 by the Buena Vista Lagoon State Park Committee of Carlsbad and Oceanside, published by the Buena Vista Lagoon Foundation.

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