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Vote YES on CA Prop 67 (Plastic Bag Ban)

In 2014, the CA legislature overwhelmingly approved SB270, banning single-use, plastic bags. A YES vote confirms that decision. The ‘convenience’ of plastic shopping bags carries with it a very high environmental cost.  Bags litter our landscapes and make their way into our waterways and oceans. Made from non-renewable fossil fuels, these petroleum-based bags never truly…

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Vote NO on the TRANSNET 1/2 Cent Sales Increase

On the November ballot, SANDAG will ask San Diego voters to approve the ‘San Diego County Road Repair, Transit, Traffic Relief, Safety, and Water Quality Measure.’  BVAS has concerns with a measure that is long on road construction and almost silent on habitat and water quality protection. While $2 billion out of this $18 billion…

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California Gnatcatcher protections remain!!

Breaking news!! The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service ruled today that the Coastal California Gnatcatcher is to remain protected-a clear win over southern California developers’ attempts to remove this bird (and thus its associated coastal sage scrub habitat) from the protections of the Endangered Species Act.  More details can be found on California Audubon’s website.

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Meet “Caulerpa Conquest” author Eric Muñoz!

From 2000-2006, the Agua Hedionda Lagoon and the Southern California coastline were endangered by an invasive Mediterranean seaweed, Caulerpa taxifolia. Thanks to a community outpouring, the lagoon was saved. A major driving force of this effort, Eric Muñoz, describes one of Carlsbad’s proudest moments and his own journey in “Caulerpa Conquest.” Join this community book…

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Carlsbad’s Prop A

Should Caruso Affiliated be allowed to build a mall overlooking the Agua Hedionda Lagoon in Carlsbad? The months-long debate will soon be settled by those Carlsbad residents who choose to cast their ballots at the special election on February 23. Citizens for North County, a group representing a coalition of environmental and civic organizations including BVAS, is urging a “NO” vote on Prop A. The…

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Citizens’ Initiative Forces Vote in Carlsbad

The “Let the People Vote” petition campaign, spearheaded by Citizens for North County late last summer, was able to obtain the required number of signatures from Carlsbad voters to force a vote on a controversial shopping center overlooking the Agua Hedionda Lagoon. As a result, the fate of developer Caruso’s so-called “85/15” project in Carlsbad…

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