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Songs in the Air

I’m walking with the dog shortly before sunrise one spring morning, heading down the riparian path.  It’s a peaceful time for us humans and canines.  But once I shift my awareness, I can hear the air crackling with communications.  “Chup-ZEEEEE (Spotted Towhee). TEEKTEEKTEEK eek-eek-eek-eek-eek-eek  (California Towhee). WITCHity-WITCHity-WITCHity  (Common Yellowthroat)  oo-AH-ooooo-oo-oo  (Mourning Dove). Sis-SEE sit-SEEW sis-SEE…

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April Birding in San Diego

April is the busiest month of the year for breeding activity in San Diego. Evidence of courtship and breeding is all around—males singing for attention, birds building nests, parents feeding young. Most wintering birds have left, and the county is experiencing waves of migrant birds passing through.

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