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California Gnatcatcher: Hero of the Coastal Sage Scrub Habitat

Heading down the trail from the San Elijo Lagoon parking lot, he played a wheezy, kitten-mewing type of call on his phone.  “That’s what we’re listening for.”  This good friend and avid birder from Colorado was on a mission—to find a California Gnatcatcher.  Searing that call into our brains, we followed our ears to find…

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Nest Boxes & Cavity Nesting Birds

Birdhouses come in all shapes, sizes, and styles.  They can be eye-catching pieces of art that delight humans.  Or they can be very plain boxes that focus solely on what a bird might want, with little concern for what a human might think.  And they can fall anywhere between those two extremes.  But a very…

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Who’s Awake? The story of the Great Horned Owl

Who’s awake?  Me too!  Who’s awake?  Me too! This series of five rhythmic, muffled, slightly eerie hoots—all on one pitch—wafts through the darkness this time of year.  The sentinel taking attendance is the Great Horned Owl.  Measuring nearly two feet from head to tail, the Great Horned is the largest and most widespread owl in…

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