OUR MISSION: To protect and preserve our region's birds, biodiversity, and threatened habitats, and to promote conservation of our natural resources through advocacy, education, and both habitat restoration and management.

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"There's a quiet privilege to forgetting history. There’s also a sin in omitting it. We forge stronger ties to our public lands by knowing them from their inception." On Juneteenth, read writer and ecologist Dr. J. Drew Lanham's reflection on the steps we can take to make public lands an even more inclusive ideal.


Monthly Program:

Have you missed a Monthly Program, or Want to Watch it Again? Please see Zoom Lecture Series for past lectures (just one month past).

Did you know BVAS has its own YouTube channel? Here, you can view past monthly programs, and San Diego County birds, plants and animals around the Buena Vista Lagoon. The link for our YouTube channel is found at  https://www.youtube.com/@buenavistaaudubon6787, or go to youtube.com and do a search on Buena Vista Audubon.

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Summer Camp 2024

Monday through Friday
July 15-19, 2024

Time: 9 a.m. — 12 p.m.

Details in Flyer.

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Support Lights Out Campaign for Birds!

Lights Out! San Diego is a campaign to help reduce the number of birds drawn off course from their migration due to artificial lights at night. North County San Diego is part of the Pacific Flyway, which is the pathway millions of birds take on their migration. Many birds migrate at night, and artificial light can disorient these long-distance travelers who can be drawn toward light; this can cause disorientation, collisions with buildings, exhaustion, delayed migration, and grounding of seabirds, who sometimes land near lighted areas and may be unable to take off again. How can we help? Agree to turn off non-essential lighting between 11 p.m. to 6 a.m., and take the Lights Out, San Diego pledge by clicking HERE.

Peak Migration Lights Out San Diego

Volunteers Needed for Continuing Community Science Bird Monitoring Project in Del Mar, CA

by Joni Ciarletta

Are you ready to spread your wings and be part
of something more meaningful? Join the
community science project at the San Dieguito
River Park as we conduct bird surveys around
the enchanting San Dieguito Lagoon in Del Mar,
CA. Since January 2010, our dedicated team
has been conducting bird observations on the
first Sunday of each month. We've spotted 269
cumulative species, and now we're calling on
nature enthusiasts like you to become the next
champions of this noble cause!

Explore picturesque locations including San
Dieguito Lagoon, Del Mar Dog Beach, Dust Devil Trail, Crest Canyon, Fairbanks Ranch, and
more. As restoration efforts continue, your involvement becomes crucial in tracking the
progress of this thriving ecosystem. Surveys are conducted on mostly flat, dirt trails, taking
about 2-5 hours.
Ready to bird with a purpose? If you're a birder wanting to make a positive impact, check
out https://sandieguitolagoon.org/#/activities/birdcount for more details or reach out to
our count leader, Jayne Lesley, contact information in May newsletter. All levels of experience are welcome!

National Audubon article about BVAS' work at Wetlands Reserve

Enjoy this article from National Audubon about BVAS's work restoring the Wetlands Reserve. https://ca.audubon.org/news/building-anew-along-shores-san-diego-county

BVAS thanks the City of Carlsbad Agricultural Conversion Mitigation Fee Program Grant, allowing us to engage in important nature center improvement projects. This grant funded four projects: 1) installing a wall-mounted energy efficient heating/cooling system in our library/meeting room; 2) painting the auditorium; 3) installing a sliding door between the library/meeting room and the rest of the nature center to manage acoustic issues; and 4) Replacing old, improperly functioning and energy-intensive florescent lighting with LED hanging lights in the auditorium. We have now completed all the projects, with the installation of the new lights done last month. Please come by and see how great the refreshed nature center looks! And we would like to note that the sliding “barn door” was installed by our volunteer team of Julie and Paul Brown, Sally and John Bickerton, and Joan and Kevin Bockman. We appreciate our volunteers!!!

The final results for the December, 2023 Oceanside Christmas Bird Count have been compiled!

Many thanks to the 109 participants who gave their time, skill, and effort in recording a total of 193 species! This was above this circle’s 20-year average of 184 species, but below the record of 198 species documented in 2011.

Rarities that were documented for this year’s count day included Greater White-fronted Goose (Omni La Costa Resort), White-winged Dove (Cannon Rd. Pond), Solitary Sandpiper (Whelan Lake), Yellow-crowned Night-heron (Batiquitos Lagoon), Western Flycatcher (Whelan Lake), Cassin’s Vireo (Cannon Rd. Pond), Plumbeous Vireo (Whelan Lake, Walnut Grove Park), Purple Finch and Red Crossbill (South Carlsbad residential), Clay-colored Sparrow (North Carlsbad residential), Vesper Sparrow (Calavera Reserve Trails), Hooded Oriole (Omni La Costa Resort), Bullock’s Oriole (Mira Costa Community College), Black-and-white Warbler (Batiquitos Lagoon), Tennessee Warbler (Faraday Business Park area, Carlsbad), Nashville Warbler (Georgina Cole Library), Yellow Warbler (Faraday Business Park area, Carlsbad), Chestnut-sided Warbler (Hosp Grove), Hermit Warbler (Carlsbad residential), Wilson’s Warbler (Aviara Golf Resort, Whelan Lake, Hosp Grove), Summer Tanager (South Carlsbad residential), Western Tanager (Guajome Regional Park, South Oceanside residential), and Blackheaded Grosbeak (South Carlsbad residential). Our Seawatch team saw Ancient Murrelet, Long-tailed Duck, and Sooty Shearwater. With extra effort, two Loggerhead Shrikes were seen on Camp Pendleton in addition to a Cactus Wren. Count week rarities included Laughing Gull, Zone-tailed Hawk, Rose-breasted Grosbeak, White-winged Scoter, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Lucy's Warbler, Horned Lark, and Golden-crowned Kinglet. A huge thank you to Buena Vista Audubon Society for hosting the gathering and providing lunch!

Sincere thanks also to Paul Lehman for conducting the compilation meeting and for Patti Langen for leading the Oceanside Christmas Bird Count.


Kid's Clubhouse Update:

The new and improved Kid’s Clubhouse will re-start in September 2024!

Watch for more updates by the beginning of August here and on BVAS’s Facebook and Instagram pages.

Preserve Calavera and Dorrance Family Foundation fund the next Phase of the Wetlands Reserve Restoration Project

BVAS is grateful to the Dorrance Family Foundation and Preserve Calavera's Oceanside Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Fund for funding Phase 2 of the Wetlands Reserve Restoration Project. For more information.


Important Updates on the BVAS Wetlands Restoration Project!!

BVAS is now working on the next steps in this important project: the 65% design, permitting, and CEQA. In 2022, we finished our first year of designing the restoration of the Wetlands Reserve, culminating in an open house December 1 to share the results and preliminary conceptual plan with the public. This was the 30% design, a conceptual map based on the studies and surveys conducted on the project site.  In early 2024, BVAS will conduct permitting and CEQA activities. For more information, please see this link or contact Natalie Shapiro at buenavistanature@gmail.com.

Help Save Oceanside's Farmland in South Morro Hills!

The city of Oceanside is in the process of updating its General Plan, and preparing a community plan for the South Morro Hills agricultural area- the South Morro Hills Community Plan (SMHCP). While it says its primary goal is to preserve agricultural land, it allows thousands of housing units.  That is not farmland preservation, it is more sprawl development that we all pay for.  We pay for it with more traffic congestion, air pollution, and higher costs for public infrastructure of roads, and water and sewers. What you can do.




BVAS now accepts online donations & membership!

You can now become a BVAS member, or renew your membership, and support the Nature Center by giving on-the-go or from the conform of your home by visiting our online payment portal: https://bvaudubon.org/donate/.

Make a Difference!

Did you know that the majority of our programs, including tours of our nature center, are free? We are able to offer free programs because of our dedicated volunteers and members, who understand and appreciate the importance that nature plays in our quality of life! As a BVAS member, you will receive the chapter newsletter, be invited to special events just for Members, and know that you are making a difference in the world. The BVAS Nature Center and its educational programs will receive 100% of your contribution.

Our Mission

To protect and preserve our region's birds, biodiversity, and threatened habitats, and to promote conservation of our natural resources through advocacy, education, and both habitat restoration and management.

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