Nature Discovery Lab It’s a Small World After All

905563_10153283309702897_2532043872242458742_oThe Buena Vista Audubon Nature Center has an exciting new exhibit—a high-quality microscope linked to a large flat screen TV. Visitors will be able to focus in on the microscopic details of nature—bird feathers, bits of animal bone and hair, leaf tissue, insect wings, etc. They’ll even be able to view the multitude of life in a few drops of lagoon water.

This “Nature Discovery Lab” project has been on the wish list of the Nature Guides for several years. The dream became a reality over the last few months thanks to several generous contributions. It all started when BVAS Nature Guide Chris Clark saw a similar project at the Elfin Forest Interpretative Center in Escondido. He discussed it with Tom Munnecke, who had been responsible for installing the microscope at Elfin Forest. Tom gave Chris all the details, and then contributed $500 to help fund the new exhibit at BVAS. Chris then contacted Ken Bauer from Microscope World in Carlsbad, who decided to donate the expensive microscope and camera to BVAS. Board members Dave and Kathy Billings pitched in by contributing the flat screen TV. Finally, the beautiful new desk with drawers and cabinets was built and installed by Mike Christensen, husband of Nature Guide Dovey Christensen. The result of all this generosity can now be enjoyed by the many students who attend our guided lessons, as well as daily visitors. What a wonderful collaboration! The next time you visit the Nature Center, be sure to stop off at the Nature Discovery Lab and take a closer look at the biodiversity and microscopic world of the Buena Vista Lagoon.

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