BVAS Wetlands Preserve Baseline Plant Survey

Participants in a 6-week California Native Plant Society Botanist Certification class, sponsored by Preserve Calavera and being held at the Nature Center, are conducting a survey of the plants growing on the 3.5-acre parcel of land recently acquired by BVAS. The plant survey is one of several special projects being undertaken by class members to complement the comprehensive in-class training program.

The lagoon parcel, located across the street from the Nature Center, has been sectioned off into small grids, with individual, two-member teams assigned to identify the plants found within each grid. The survey will record both native plants and the much more numerous non-native plants currently growing on the property.

The plant survey is an important first step in developing an initial management plan for the new property. Once the inventory has been completed and analyzed, BVAS will be able to begin the process of removing nonnative plants, as well as accumulated trash.

BVAS has started establishing a special committee of professional biologists to help advise us on restoration and habitat management issues associated with the new wetlands preserve, and will be meeting with California Department of Fish and Wildlife to discuss coordinating our management plan with that of the adjacent lagoon ecological reserve.

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