Bees and Beetles and Bugs, Oh My!

ladybugA Young Entomologists’ Corner has been installed at the Nature Center. Using actual specimens and our powerful projecting microscope, budding scientists can consider the basic question of what makes an insect an insect and explore the many varieties and forms of both aquatic and land insects. Games, books, photographs, and fun activities round out the experience.

Why insects? They make up over half of Earth’s living organisms and 90% of all animals. They live in almost all environments and temperatures, including those around Buena Vista Lagoon. Insects decompose waste, pollinate plants, and are the food source for many animals. Life as we know it could not exist in a world without insects.

This project is the brainchild of BVAS Education Chair Fran and Board Director Kathy Billings, both long-time Nature Guides. The insect activity center culminates their work with the California Naturalist Program through UC Davis. The project team would like to acknowledge two BVAS stalwarts who provided inspiration for the exhibit: Retired U.C. entomologist Dave Dyer has led exciting bug walks at the Nature Center for many years, and Center Manager Annette Schneider now serves as the reigning BVAS expert on all tiny creatures that slither and crawl.

The exhibit will evolve with the seasons and mirror what visitors will see on the trail, in the lagoon, and throughout the wetlands.

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