Summer Camp 2016

Summer Camp 2016 enthralled 18 lucky kids last month at our Nature Center. Dovie Christianson, with the help of several BVAS volunteers, has been organizing summer camp for the past few years, and once again wove together an extraordinary week of nature walks and talks, crafts, games, stories and explorations that was part fun, part educational, and part magical.

Some of the highlights included walks around the nature center trail, allowing kids to collect insects, study caterpillars on cattail leaves, watch and listen to birds, observe fish, tadpoles, and aquatic insects, and engage in listening and observing nature.

A myriad of nature-themed arts and crafts engaged the senses; the kids learned new techniques for drawing and painting, creating beautiful artwork of sycamore leaves. Other crafts included painting rocks with pictures of animals, and making ‘nests’ of birds through various crafts materials.

Visits from Marion Stacey, aka ‘the Hummingbird Lady’, and Danny Sedovic from the Raptor Institute, thoroughly delighted the youngsters. Marion brought along her entourage of baby hummingbirds, and Danny brought his raptor ambassadors.

Thanks to Dovie and her team of volunteers who once again transformed the Nature Center into a week of magic, inquiry, and creativity!

Summer Camp 2016 insect walk summer camp 2016 baby hummingbirds photo

Summer Camp 2016 leaf art summer camp 2016 intern Jonas summer camp 2016 collecting insects from lagoon summer camp 2016 birds and beaks summer camp 2016 painted rocks summer camp 2016 fishing for insects summer camp 2016 enjoying lagoon summer camp 2016 crafts shorebird nests summer camp 2016 exploring lagoon life summer camp 2016 looking at creatures in mud flats summer camp 2016 learning about pine cones Summer Camp 2016 blowing away catthail seeds

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