Forging Ahead: The BVAS Nature Endowment

The new BVAS Nature Endowment continues to grow, with over $20,000 in new donations received in June and July.  A total of approximately $75,000 has now been raised from BVAS members and the community.  Adding in the contribution of $150,000 of double matching funds from Brian Malk and Nancy Heitel, the Nature Fund now stands at $225,000.  We’re almost halfway home!

A Flurry of $100 Donations:The average donation received so far this year for the new endowment fund is almost double the typical amount sent in by donors in recent years, and it’s easy to understand why.  Contributions of $100 or more automatically triple in value. This has been a chance for everyone to play the role of a “big-money donor” while supporting a cause they hold dear.

A Gift of Appreciated Stock:  The campaign got off to a fast start thanks to a couple who have been longtime supporters of BVAS. They had always intended to bequeath $25,000 to BVAS but decided to speed up their donation to take advantage of the double match.  By contributing stock that had appreciated in value, they earned a large tax donation and avoided the capital gains tax.  The value of the stock, together with the double matching funds grant, resulted in a $100,000 boost to the Nature Endowment. Our donors saved money on their taxes and had the satisfaction of knowing their foresight and generosity had resulted in a very significant contribution to help support the Nature Center and BVAS Nature Education Programs for generations to come.

If you’d like to have a confidential discussion about ways in which you might be able to make a similar impact on the Nature Endowment Fund, please call Andy Mauro at 760-753-1266, or email at:

Thank you everyone for your wonderful support.  As we said during our successful campaign to acquire the lagoon property across from the Nature Center: With your help, we can do it!

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