Water-Wise BVAS in the Community

You don’t usually hear about biology and car-engine oil changes in the same article. Members of the BVAS Garden Club and the Surfrider Ocean Friendly Gardens Committee united to transform the side yard of the Econo Lube N Tune on Vista Way and Coast Highway.  Last year, BVAS hosted a class on how to create a bioswale. Participants from the class worked together to design and construct the neighborhood water channel. The drainpipe from the roof was rerouted to empty into the swale and during a 2″ rain storm last year, not one drop escaped!  The primary purpose of the bioswale is to clean runoff by filtering it through the earth. While it is obvious that pollution was prevented from going into the ocean at this near-coastal site, bioswales are equally important anywhere in our watershed. Further, water is captured to irrigate landscaping and add to the water table.  The planting of the bioswale beautifies the business district. We look forward to seeing these plants thrive as they help prevent ocean pollution.

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