Cuba Birding Trip

Birding Cuba’s Foothills, Wetlands and Coast
with Buena Vista Audubon
January 9-18, 2018

Cuba’s protected natural areas, geographic isolation, and limited development combine to create an ideal destination for birders. The country’s diverse habitats support over 360 avian species, more than two dozen of which are endemic to the island. On this 10 day program, you’ll have the opportunity to observe specialties like the Cuban Tody, Zapata Wren, and Oriente Warbler, and explore dry scrub, mangrove, wetland, and coastal ecosystems. Gain deeper insight during meetings with Cuban conservationists to discuss ongoing projects. During your travels, meet Cuba’s friendly people and discover the rich history and culture for which the country is known.

-Explore the country’s pristine protected areas, including La Güira National Park, Las Terrazas Biosphere Reserve, and several sites within Zapata Swamp, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Ramsar wetland.
-Seek out endemic species like the Cuban Trogon (Cuba’s national bird), Cuban Green Woodpecker, Fernandina’s Flicker, and the diminutive Bee Hummingbird, among others.
-Meet with Zapata area conservationists to learn about projects underway to preserve Cuba’s largest wetlands.
-Visit the limestone cave that was Che Guevara’s headquarters during the Cuban Missile Crisis and an excellent place to spot Cuban Solitaire and Scaly-naped Pigeon.

See flyer for full itinerary and sign-up details.

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