Support the “Safeguard Our San Diego Countryside Initiative”

Tired of sprawl? Frustrated about Lilac Hills, Warner Ranch, Newland Sierra, and Safari Highlands (all proposed mega-developments in rural North County)?  For these large housing projects to proceed, the San Diego County General Plan has to be amended to allow housing densities to increase. The good news is that there is an initiative circulating that proposes to amend the County General Plan to require voter approval for amendments that increase residential density in semi-rural and rural areas.  If enough signatures are acquired, the “Safeguard our San Diego Countryside Initiative” (SOS) will go on the November, 2018 ballot. Any resident in the County of San Diego can sign the initiative.


After spending 13 years and $18.6 million to update its General Plan, San Diego County already has a plan that accommodates many thousands of new homes in locations that make sense, and thus, already provides for housing needs.  Sprawl and increased housing density in rural areas is not needed, and worsens traffic, increases fire danger, and undermines efforts to build affordable housing closer to existing services.  Given the recent horrific spate of wildfires in Southern California, why is the County considering developments in these wildfire-prone areas?


The SOS measure exempts minor increases in density, properties within existing village or rural village boundaries, or changes to the plan required to implement state or federal housing law, including laws related to providing affordable housing.


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