Come celebrate Endangered Species Day at the Buena Vista Audubon Society Nature Center Saturday, May 12, from 10 AM-2 PM.  This free event has many activities for all ages!

There will be all kinds of animal ambassadors: hawks and falcons from the Raptor Institute, Jeff Nordland’s snakes and lizards, Dovie’s tortoise family, and butterflies from Butterfly Farms of Encinitas.


More hands-on activities include: making your own flower press, nature journal, and native seed bags.  You will be able to dissect a real owl pellet and see what these amazing creatures had for lunch! Ever wondered what lives in the lagoon? We will dip into the lagoon and discover a whole new world of aquatic creatures under our high-powered microscope!


And for the young activists out there: we will have an interactive booth where your family can learn how to help protect local endangered species.


We are located at 2202 South Coast Hwy in Oceanside. For more information:  760-439-2473 or http://bvaudubon.org/

See the flyer!


  1. Bella on May 13, 2018 at 6:05 PM

    I love what yall are doing here.

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