Yes on Y/SOAR (Save Open Space and Agricultural Resources)

Measure Y (SOAR), a proposition on the November City of Oceanside ballot, simply requires that before agricultural, open space, or parkland can be rezoned to other uses such as dense housing or commercial, the people of Oceanside have a right to vote on the change.  We all pay the costs of sprawl development – traffic congestion, air pollution, and higher fees for infrastructure such as water, sewers, and roads.  SOAR lets the people make these important decisions, rather than three council members, developers, or special interests.

SOAR does not take any property rights away.  Agricultural lands, such as Morro Hills, are zoned with the option for the land owners to subdivide into smaller parcels with a minimum size of 2.5 acres, if they choose to.  No one is forcing them to build anything or divide up their land, and SOAR has no impact at all unless they decide to make the kind of major change that requires rezoning.

SOAR will ensure that the property remains zoned as it was when purchased, just as homeowners have to do in their residentially zoned districts.  If farmers want to convert land to higher density residential or industrial uses, then the voters would be able to vote on that change.  And SOAR specifically allows agri-tourism.  SOAR will help keep farming viable and will slow down the loss of agricultural lands to more sprawl development.

Please vote “Yes” on Measure Y to protect our open space, parks, and farmland!

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