In March 2020, San Diego County residents will vote on ballot measures that give residents a say on whether land use should be determined by the County General Plan, or alternatively by amendments to the Plan that allow sprawl development outside the urban and village core areas. The General Plan was developed consistent with “smart growth” that protects wildlife habitat and farmland from developers who want to build high-end housing with significant impacts on Greenhouse Gas Emissions, traffic congestion, and public safety in the event of fire evacuation, in addition to loss of native wildlife habitat and/or agriculturally zoned lands.

Vote Yes on Prop “A”

Safeguard Our San Diego Countryside (SOS) SOS would require San Diego County voter approval for changes to the County General Plan that includes large developments in rural, backcountry and agricultural areas. The initiative protects the rights of small landowners and does not interfere with planned development in towns or with meeting affordable housing requirements.

Vote No on Prop “B”

Newland-Sierra Development Project Newland Sierra is located in County unincorporated land north of San Marcos, and was approved by the County Board of Supervisors. This ballot measure will allow voters to decide whether this large block of natural habitat is an appropriate site for 2,125 dwelling units, as it would interrupt a critical wildlife corridor, increase Greenhouse Gas Emissions, and endanger public safety in the highest fire risk zone in the County.

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On February 16, in Escondido, the legendary Spin Doctors are putting on a benefit for Yes on A, No on B. Link to purchase tickets to fundraiser: 

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