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Our Volunteers

It’s been said many times over the years, but Buena Vista Audubon is what it is because of its members, many of whom volunteer at the center, in the children’s programs, or in positions of leadership. Each year we wish old friends the best as they move on to new endeavors. And each year we…

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City Nature Challenge: San Diego

From the San Diego Natural History Museum: Help San Diego Win City Nature Challenge, which takes place from April 27-30, 2018, is a worldwide competition to see which city can make the most observations of their local plants and animals over a 4-day period. And San Diego composes part of one of only 35 biodiversity…

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A Little Respect

San Diego County’s majestic natives aren’t feeling the love. Golden eagles require large territories and more than a little privacy to thrive. When not nesting on a preferred cliff, they are usually resting high on treetops or hunting in chaparral, grassland, and safe scrub communities — land increasingly taken over by development. Unfortunately, this native…

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Migratory Bird Treaty Act Threatened

This year, our nation celebrates the 100th anniversary of the signing of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA), one of our nation’s oldest and most important wildlife conservation laws. Audubon led the charge to help pass the law in 1918, and it has since saved millions of birds as well as prevented the extinction of…

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