2202 S. Coast Highway Oceanside, CA 92054

Land Acquisition

BVAS purchases the BVAS Andy Mauro Nature Preserve

Buena Vista Audubon is excited to report that on Friday, June 30, we closed on escrow for acquiring the BVAS Andy Mauro Nature Preserve property! (named in honor of Andy Mauro, pevious BVAS board President and currently serving director: the visionary behind our land acquisition efforts). It’s been a long road towards permanently protecting this…

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The New BVAS Wetlands Reserve

The Buena Vista Audubon Wetlands Reserve is now a reality. The first piece of land ever to be owned by BVAS is a 3.55-acre parcel of wetlands on the shore of the Buena Vista Lagoon, just across the street from the Nature Center. The deed of trust recording this historic event was filed at the…

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