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Winter Spectacle — Cedar Waxwings

Christmas Bird Count 2018, Anstine Audubon Preserve in Vista. Our small group climbs a hill and checks for birds. Craning my neck, I mutter, “I hear Cedar Waxwings.”  We all start scanning the tops of trees, the sky, in all directions. Nowhere to be seen. As the enumerator, I could just mark down “1” and…

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Home For the Holidays…It’s a Risky Decision

Let’s say you’re a bird.  Your breeding area this spring and summer abounded with budding plants, fresh fruits, nutritious insects—plenty for you and the kids you raised.  But what about the coming fall and winter?  To paraphrase the Clash, should you stay or should you go?   In San Diego County, a number of species…

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April Birding in San Diego

April is the busiest month of the year for breeding activity in San Diego. Evidence of courtship and breeding is all around—males singing for attention, birds building nests, parents feeding young. Most wintering birds have left, and the county is experiencing waves of migrant birds passing through.

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