How to Use the BVAS Site

Basic Overview

This page contains helpful links and tutorials on how to use the new BVAS website. I hope you find these links helpful. If you have any questions, please comment below and we'll try to point you in the right direction. Thank you for making BVAS website possible!

Logging In

What You See When You Log In

How to Update your Profile

How to Update your Password

Adding and Editing Articles (Posts)

Navigating Posts

Create a New Post! - Want to create a new article on the site? Here's how.

What are Post Categories?

What are Post Tags?

How to Schedule a Post to Publish in the Future - You can create as many posts as you want and have WordPress automatically publish them at some point in the future!

How to Back Date Posts - For posting old articles on the site, you can actually back-date them so they show up using the date that they were originally written

How to Go Back to a Previous Version of a Post - Did you accidentally delete a whole paragraph from your post? Here's how to go back to a previous saved version of that post

Adding and Editing Pages

This website uses the powerful Beaver Builder plugin (the name is horrible, I know) to allow for drag and drop elements on the site. This plugin allows users to create pages by simply dragging elements (like photos, galleries, columns, and blocks of text) to where they want them displayed on the page. Below are some helpful links to tutorials on how to edit using the built-in WordPress features, as well as the drag and drop features of Beaver Builder.

How to Find a Page - Viewing the All Page Tab

How Beaver Builder Works - How to use the drag and drop features

How to Add Columns and Rows

How to Add a Heading 

How to Add Text to Your Page

How to Add Photos

Add a Button to your Page

Create a Callout

How to Create a Call to Action - With button and text

How to Add a Video

Add a Contact Form

More Beaver Builder Videos

Events Calendar

The folks at Events Calendar were gracious enough to give us use of their plugins for free to use on our site. Their plugin is very powerful and allows us to do some awesome things. Here are some helpful links on how to the use the calendar:

Create an Event - Adding a date, time, venue, and organizer

Making a Recurring Event - How to make your event repeat

Editing an Existing Organizer or Venue

What are Event Categories? - How they work

What are Event Tags?